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Help Aeroflot get a new corporate jingle


Aeroflot, the state-controlled Russian airline, has put a call out for a new corporate jingle and is willing to pay the right musician 6 million rubles —$160,000 — for just the right catchy tune.

Details of the project were posted on the government’s official procurement website, the Moscow Times reports, and call for a short song that contains the word “Aeroflot” and phrases that sing the praises of the Aeroflot brand.

The winning jingle must also be catchy, encourage people to fly Aeroflot, be devoid of profanity and not reference any non-Aeroflot products and services.

Interested? Aeroflot sent a link to the site where project is posted – but you’ll have to search to search through the Aerflot listing – and you’ll notice right away that the site is only in Russian.

The deadline for applications is Sept. 24, 2014, with a contract winner to be announced on Oct. 9 and the completed jingle due Dec. 15.

“Many airlines use music as part of their branding and this isn’t the first time Aeroflot is creating a Western-style jingle,” said Cameron Fleming, a New York-based advertising copywriter and associate creative director who describes — and shares audio — from two 1960s-era Aeroflot songs on his blog, Fly the Branded Skies.

“They had some serous talent working on those songs,” said Fleming. “The composers were award-winning at the time and one of the singers was Eduard Khil, who later became the viral Internet sensation, Mr. Trololo.”

Aeroflot has five other airline-themed songs posted on its website and Russian airline Transaero has a jaunty downloadable theme song on its site.

(My story about Aeroflot seeking a new jingle first appeared on USA TODAY)

More music for airports: theme songs

If cities can have theme songs, why can’t airports have theme songs?

Some airports do.

Los Angeles International Airport traces its theme song back to a country music hit from the 1970s. The song, L.A. International Airport, was written by Leanne Scott and sung by Susan Raye. But when LAX made it the airport’s official song in 2003, they had someone rewrite the words. Give a listen to the old version, the new version, and a karaoke version.

Music for airports?

I’m having a little too much fun researching a column about airport theme songs. I’m finding everything from jingles to “real” songs that have found their way onto the charts.

One example – the theme song for Germany’s Cologne-Bonn Airport. Written by the Cologne-based band plus49. The song is included in their album “All the beautiful things.”

Give a listen and let me know what you think. (Click on “music” at the bottom of the page).