Stuck at DFW Airport

1400 passengers stuck at DFW Airport

About 1400 people spent Tuesday night stuck at DFW International Airport after bad weather that included thunderstorms, hail and up to a dozen tornadoes damaged more than 100 airplanes and forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

According to DFW spokespeople, airlines have cancelled more than 200 departures this morning as a result of yesterday’s storms.

While thousands of passengers headed to hotels for the night, more than 1400 passengers stayed in the terminals. To help them out, the airport distributed cots, blankets, pillows and toiletry kits to passengers.  The local chapter of the American Red Cross assisted with additional blankets.

The Airport also activated its Irregular Operations Concessions Plan last night, which meant that checkpoints, stores and restaurants stayed open past normal closing hours in order to accommodate passengers whose flights were delayed or cancelled due to the storm.

If your plans include – or included – DFW Airport today, be sure to check with your airline or with the flight status boards on the DFW website.

DFW ART in Terminal D