Souvenir Sunday at Newark Liberty Int’l Airport

It’s Souvenir Sunday: the day we look at some of the fun, inexpensive souvenirs you can buy when you’re stuck at the airport.

This week, we have souvenirs spotted at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

This ashtray is quite fetching, as are the Garden State mints and the Sopranos license plate;

Ashtray - New Jersey

Garden State mints

The Sopranos license plate

But who could resist these cute, baseball-team-themed holiday ornaments:

NY baseball-themed ornaments

Have you found a great souvenir while you were stuck at the airport?  If it’s inexpensive (about $10), “of” the city or region and, ideally, a bit offbeat, please take a photo and send it along to  If you souvenir is featured on Souvenir Sunday we’ll send you a special souvenir.

baseball ornament