Philadelphia Int’l Airport

Beer exhibit at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

PHL Beer here

A new exhibition at Philadelphia International Airport is all about beer and the history of brewing beer in Philadelphia dating back to the 1600s.

From the exhibition notes:

When William Penn came to Philadelphia in 1682, Philadelphians were already making homemade beer — molasses infused with pine or sassafras. One year later, in 1683, the first barley crop was harvested and the city’s first ale brewery opened. During the late 1700s, America’s Founding Fathers discussed the country’s two most important documents — the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, while drinking the city’s finest ale in Philadelphia taverns. John Adams wrote to his wife in Boston, “I drink no cider, but feast on Philadelphia beer.”

Lager was introduced in 1840 and after that Philadelphia became a boom town of breweries, with a cluster of breweries (at one time 94!) in an area of town that became known as – you guessed it – Brewerytown.

The beer exhibition at PHL details the city’s brewing business up through today with an extensive display of beer bottles and beer memorabilia.

PHL beer two

Find the beer exhibit at PHL Airport between Terminals A-East and B


Don’t eat the cake at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

PHL CAKE Melissa Maddonni Haims

Feels very appropriate to be writing this blog post on my birthday after sharing an evening with good friends and eating cake…

The newest exhibit at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)features the work of Melissa Maddonni Haims, who has crocheted a series of layer cakes which are on view in Terminal D through November 2013.

PHL CAKE Melissa Maddonni Haims, Coffee Cake, yarn, fabric, stuffing, buttons, 2013

PHL CAKE Melissa Maddonni Haims, Strawberry Rhubarb, yarn, fabric, stuffing, buttons, 2013

The Cake! exhibit is part of a wide range of temporary and permanent art installations at PHL airport. See this list for more art at PHL.

Hand-sewn, life-size furniture at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

Philadelphia artist Kay Healy is known for her hand-drawn, hand-sewn, stuffed fabric cutouts of life-size home furnishings. For the past year she’s been holding community sewing days so that others could help make the hand-sewn elements for Coming Home, a 30-foot long installation of 4 rooms – a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room –at Philadelphia International Airport.

The rooms are highly detailed with more than 50 common household items that include a refrigerator, oven, step ladder, and broom; a bathroom sink, towel rack, and claw foot bathtub; a dining room table and piano; and a chair, cabinet, and antique radio – all realistically arranged atop hand-printed fabrics that allude to patterned wallpaper or a tiled wall.

For this installation, Healy based the contents of the rooms on the recollection of 4 Philadelphians – Leroy, Peggy, Kim, and Frank – who all grew up in various decades and in different sections of the city.

Look for Coming Home in Terminal E.

Lamps made from skateboards at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

Former skateboard champion Victor Perez now has an art gallery in Philadelphia where he creates and sells Sk8Lamps – lamps made from broken and damaged skateboards.

Part of the ‘upcycling” trends, “the lamps are constructed of used or rejected decks, wheels and trucks that have either fulfilled or cannot fulfill their intended purposes. The electrical pieces are removed from devices no longer deemed aesthetically pleasing and given extended life.”

Sound intriguing? A selection of Sk8Lamps will be on view at the Philadelphia International Airport, between Terminals A-East and B, through September 2012

Tidbits for travelers

Those colorful puppets on display in Terminal A – West at Philadelphia International Airport are from Spiral Q, the Philadelphia puppet theater well-known for the large-scale, wearable handmade puppets used to gain public awareness of important community issues.

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