kay Healy

Hand-sewn, life-size furniture at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

Philadelphia artist Kay Healy is known for her hand-drawn, hand-sewn, stuffed fabric cutouts of life-size home furnishings. For the past year she’s been holding community sewing days so that others could help make the hand-sewn elements for Coming Home, a 30-foot long installation of 4 rooms – a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room –at Philadelphia International Airport.

The rooms are highly detailed with more than 50 common household items that include a refrigerator, oven, step ladder, and broom; a bathroom sink, towel rack, and claw foot bathtub; a dining room table and piano; and a chair, cabinet, and antique radio – all realistically arranged atop hand-printed fabrics that allude to patterned wallpaper or a tiled wall.

For this installation, Healy based the contents of the rooms on the recollection of 4 Philadelphians – Leroy, Peggy, Kim, and Frank – who all grew up in various decades and in different sections of the city.

Look for Coming Home in Terminal E.