London 2012 Olympics

Fun, new videos from Air New Zealand and British Airways

Air New Zealand, which brought us highly entertaining in-flight safety videos featuring flight attendants dressed in nothing but cleverly applied paint and that pixie-ish, always-exercising Richard Simmons (both videos below), now brings us another version of this in-flight necessity.

It’s definitely not as titillating at the “Bare Essentials” video (below), but it is sort of cute and has ‘guest appearances’ by Snoop Dogg, President Obama and others.

And, here’s a fun video made by British Airways (set to “London Calling,” by the Clash) urging locals NOT to travel during the London summer Olympics.

And, as promised, here are those earlier Air New Zealand videos.

And, because we don’t have Rico around any more (Air New Zealand killed off this cute, but somewhat creepy puppet) here’s the safety video Rico helped out with.

Headis (tennis with your head) at Dusseldorf Airport

We’re used to seeing passengers in airports running to catch their flights. But on Sunday, May 6, many of the people running through Germany’s Dusseldorf Airport won’t be trying to catch a plane – they’ll be demonstrating their Olympic sport.

On Sunday, from 11 am till 6 pm, Dusseldorf Airport will present “Airport Games.” The event that will feature athletes and Olympic participants in full gear playing tennis, soccer, table tennis, rowing and many other sports.

In addition to watching the sports performances, regular airport visitors will be able to participate in the sports. According to an airport statement, “Athletes will guide the audience through various sports, including headis (table tennis played with your head) and crossboccia (boccia played with bean-bag like balls in a borderless, 3-dimensional area.”

Airport Games is part of the monthly event series “Airlebnis” (Air Experience) at DUS, which turns the terminal into a public event space the first Sunday of each month. Past events have included circus performances, ski jumps, singing concerts and other events.