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Flight deal: 75% off 1st class to Hong Kong

C-1 flight

Cathay Pacific has had fare sales, but they’ve never had a First Class fare sale.

But they’re having one today and this one is a doozy.

The airline has teamed up with GILT to offer a trip voucher that is 75 percent off the first class round-trip fare to Hong Kong from a variety of U.S. airports – including San Francisco International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, New York John F. Kennedy International Airport, Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Boston Logan International Airport.

Cathay pacific seat

The usual First Class fares for this trip is $20,000 but during the Gilt/Cathay Pacific fare sale the vouchers are selling for $5,000.

That includes taxes and surcharges – AND Gilt is throwing in a $500 Gilt shopping credit.

Small print? There’s a page full of it.

You’re buying a voucher, not making a reservation, for example. So you’ll need to get your voucher and then make a booking by December 31, 2015.
And you’ll be able to apply your voucher to a limited number of First Class seats.

But if you want to do this trip – and drink champagne, eat food prepared fresh just for you from galleys equipped with rice cookers, toasters and steam ovens and then sleep in a fully-flat bed in Cathay Pacific pajamas – and visit the first class Cathay Pacific lounges at the airports at either end – the restrictions shouldn’t be insurmountable.

The sale starts today – Wednesday, November 18. So get your calendar and your credit cards and go check it out.

Cathay pacific bed

Cathay Pacific chief executive John Slosar shares a secret

On Tuesday, August 28, I was fortunate to be one of the invited guests aboard the maiden flight of Cathay Pacific’s fifth Boeing 777-300ER from the Boeing factory in Everett, Wash. to Hong Kong.

I’m still trying to figure out the time here in Hong Kong, but wanted to share a few photos – and a secret learned from Cathay Pacific’s chief executive John Slosar during the flight.

Before the plane took off, there were some short speeches, the signing of paperwork and (we were told) the delivery of a very large, final payment check. But before that, invited guests and crew members took turns getting their photos taken with the airplane. The favorite pose: with one of the engines.

During the flight, which had about 60 people aboard, including VIPs (they got the Business Class seats) and media (we had the opportunity to experience the airline’s new Premium Economy seats), Cathay Pacific chief executive John Slosar chatted with guests, occasionally came by to check that we were all comfortable and even climbed into one of the crew rest areas, located upstairs at the back of plane, to show it off and answer some questions.

When we all climbed down and were heading back towards the front of the plane, he stopped to give a pop quiz and share a “secret.”

“Look up”, he said. “Do you notice anything unusual about that overhead bin?”


Slosar pointed out that the bin has no handle, so can’t be opened from below.

But it can be opened from up above. And is, in fact, the emergency exit for the crew rest quarters up above.

The guy on the left – the one not holding a bottle of beer – was one of our pilots, who answered lots more questions for small groups of journalists invited to visit the cockpit during the flight.

Lots more photos and airplane ‘secrets’ to share later, after I find out what’s behind all the secret doors in my hotel room at the Island Shrangi-La hotel here in Hong Kong and come back from my tour of the airport and the nearby Cathay City later today.