Harrisburg International Airport

Signs of the times: cool social distance signs at airports

Signs and floor stickers reminding travelers to keep their distance in airport terminals are necessary right now.

We get that.

But at least some airports are giving their signs some local character.

In the sign above, you’ll see that Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is using Chinook salmon as a measuring tool. The airport has also enlisted the help of a moose and a Bald Eagle

These are animals locals will listen to.

Harrisburg International Airport (MDT), which is nearby Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, uses Kisses chocolates as their measuring tool.

We’re curious about how they figured out that 72 Kisses chocolates equals six feet and hope whomever was asked to lay the candies out to figure this out got to eat them.

Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF) has a long-running thing for plastic pink flamingos. So it makes sense that a flamingo pops up in the airport’s social distancing signs.

In Chicago, they use these cute floor stickers at O’Hare and Midway Airports to remind people to keep their distance.

And at San Diego International Airport (SAN) it makes sense that the measuring stick is a surfboard. Passengers are urged to stay at least one surfboard apart.

We’ll keep adding to this collection of creative airport social distance signs and stickers as new ones arrive.

If you see a one in your travels that you think fits, please snap a photo and send it along.

Free ebooks at Harrisburg International Airport

Here’s a great idea: on Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) introduced a free eBook Library for travelers.


Airport marketing manager Stephanie Gehman browsed through the more than 30,000 free titles offered by Project Gutenburg and picked out 15 ebooks for the MDT library. Passengers – or anybody – can download the books, which include classics and aviation-related titles, at www.flyHIA.com/ebooks.

What’s on the shelf?  The Adventures of Huck Finn, Aeroplanes, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, Around the World in 80 Days, Gulliver’s Travels, Little Women, Mother Goose, Oliver Twist, Opportunities in Aviation, Pride and Prejudice, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, The Early History of the Airplane, The First Airplane Diesel Engine, and Wuthering Heights.

The ebooks are available for multiple formats directly from the website or by scanning any of the 15 different signs posted in gate areas and in a few other locations in the MDT terminal.

“The signs have a QR code that links directly to one of the fifteen titles in the ebook library,” said Gehman.  “Passengers can wander around the terminal, scan all of the signs and collect all fifteen titles.”

And what about the shops that sell books at the airports?

MDT has two Hudson News locations that sell books, “But we selected ebook titles that aren’t for sale at the booksellers in the terminal,” said Gehman.

Snack Saturday: Pennsylvania-made treats from Harrisburg International Airport

What can you do when you’re stuck at the airport? Eat!

And if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself stuck at an airport where the restaurants and shops serve and stock local foods.

Tastycakes for sale at Harrisburg Airport

Philadelphia-made Tastycakes for Snack Saturday

Hungry at Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg International Airport (MDT)?  Head for the Perfectly PA gift shop.  The store stocks Pennsylvania-made treats such as Tastycakes, Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer and Pennsylvania Dutch candies.

Harrrisburgh Airport Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer

PA treats for sale at MDT Airport

PA Dutch Candy for sale at Harrisburg Int'l Airport

More sweet PA-made treats for sale a MDT Airport

(Thanks to MDT Airport for the photos)

Is there a locally-made treat that you look forward to eating at certain airports?  If so, please share your finds here and, if possible, send a photo. Your airport snack may be featured on a future edition of Snack Saturday here at StuckatTheAirport.com

Tomorrow: Souvenir Sunday.