Haitian Art

Travel Tidbits: Fresh Art at SFO

(Dancing figure by Gabriel Bien-Aimé, Courtesy SFO Museum)

A new exhibition from the SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) celebrates the Haitian art form of cut-metal sculpture.

The exhibit, titled The Enduring Spirit of Haitian Metal Sculpture, is located pre-security in the International Departures Hall at SFO.

Here’s some background on this art form, courtesy of the SFO Museum:

Discarded steel oil drums have historically served as the base material for Haitian metal artists. The drums are flattened into sheets and designs are chalked on; pieces are then cut and sculpted using only hand tools and further enhanced by hammering, embossing, cutting holes, and bending the metal. Sculptures reflect everyday life portraits, imaginative themes, and motifs of Haitian Vodou, an African Diasporic religion. Some of the many forms that appear include angels and winged creatures, mermaids and other aquatic figures, musical bands, animals, and earthly, paradisiacal scenes.

Entwined figures by Georges Liautaud. Courtesy SFO Museum