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Stuck at the airport? Play a game or watch baggage go round

Need ideas for what to do when you’re stuck at the airport?

The folks at CreativeApplications.net are inspired and impressed by Jetset – a game about airports that you can play on your iPhone or iPod touch.


According to the game’s creators,

“Security is there to make you feel safe and get you to your plane in one piece. However, today’s regulations change frequently and are often different from airport to airport. Now, you too can stand in the shoes of a security agent trying to avert terrorism while getting everyone through a checkpoint quickly. This is a game that’s just as fun as waiting in line – and one you can play in line as well.”

Prizes? Digital airport souvenirs.  Cheap and easy to carry.

If you buy it and play it, let me know what you think.


(Norman Andersen’s Rainmaker’s Baggage installation at Sea-Tac Airport)

If, like me, you don’t have an iPhone or iTouch, you might be looking for free airport entertainment. How about watching luggage move along on the luggage carousels?

The folks at FlightsfromHell.com are inspired this week by a web report about airport luggage carousels from the Dull Men’s Club, which is keeping track of how many airports have carousels that go clockwise, how many go counter-wise and how many have no carousels at all!

I kid you not. Here’s a link to their listings of airport carousels and their directions.