Boston Logan Airport

Fresh art at Boston Logan Int’l Airport

BOS Art Two

There’s a new aviation-themed piece of public art in the United Airlines Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport.

Created by Jacob Kulin and called “Flyby,” the sculpture pays homage to flight and themes of movement and is 18 feet tall and 26 feet long. It’s made of anodized aluminum, powder coated steel, stainless steel – materials that mimic the metallic of airplanes.

“The sculpture echoes notions of transition and flow with its streamlined, telescoping forms, producing a sense of speed and takeoff as the piece seamlessly rears up from the floor,” explains Kulin.


Cool stuff spotted at: Boston Logan Airport

Have some extra time to spend in the United Airlines portion of Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport before your flight?

Lucky you!

Logan _HB with colonia patriot

Photo op with a Colonial Patriot

Except for the oatmeal that I had to send back – twice – at one of the sit-down restaurants by the gates,  I spotted these charming – and useful – amenities.

Logan Flowers in loo

Fresh flowers! And blue counters color-coordinated with the powerful Dyson hand-dryer in the women’s loo. When I came back two days later, the flowers were changed out for a fresher bunch.

Logan Airport - bathroom timer

Go with confidence: a hard-to-miss timer in the women’s restroom showed the correct date and time and the time when the area was last serviced.

Logan - green waiting area

Living room or gate hold area? Everyone one of these comfortable chairs had a table and power.

Make-over for Boston Logan Terminal B

On Wednesday, Boston Logan International Airport and United Airlines open a new and renovated section of Terminal B that connects the two sides of Terminal B post-security and consolidates the United Airlines operations at Logan in one terminal.

The terminal includes updated amenities, including self-tagging baggage kiosks, automated self-boarding gates, a new customer service center and plenty of seats wired for power.

There’s also a new United Club space, offering great views of the airfield and Boston Harbor.

Berkshire farmsmarket

The terminal will also feature Berkshire Farms Market, which will carry a wide variety of gourmet foods and treats produced in western Massachusetts, the Berkshires and the Northeast.

The grab-and-go concept is based on Tastes on the Fly’s award-winning Napa Farms Market in Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport and will feature goodies such as Berkshire Bark chocolate, Berkshire Blue cheeses, Fire Cider and Bola Granola.

The Red Lion Gift Shop from Stockbridge, Mass. will be curating a selection of regional cookbooks and books by Berkshire authors and a map of the Berkshire region describing the area’s food culture will be given out with each purchase.

Sounds great doesn’t it? I can’t wait to visit!

Travel Tidbits: private screeners & fish


Later this month, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was scheduled to send out requests for proposals (RFPs) for private security screening firms to replace federal screeners at Sacramento International Airport (SMF) in California and Orlando-Sanford International Airport (SFB) in Florida as part of the Screening Partnership Program (SPP). The contract for private screening services at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), which was one of the first airports to be part of the program, is also going out for re-bidding.

Sixteen airports are currently part of the program, which was set up under the Aviation Transportation Security Act (ATSA) of 2001 and requires private contract companies approved by the TSA to adhere to the agency’s standards.

Some airport administrators believe private screeners do a better job than their federal counterparts but, as you might imagine, the union that represents federal TSA employees – the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) – isn’t too happy with the prospect of some of its members possibly losing their jobs.

In California, the union has been lobbying against the move to have Sacramento International Airport join the Screening Partnership Program and on Tuesday the Sacramento County’s board of supervisors voted to back out of the program.


Meanwhile, at Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS), which has been the site of some 787 Dreamliner problems, there’s some news on the fish front:

On Wednesday, January 9, Legal Sea Foods, which has been a welcome dining amenity at the airport for almost twenty years, is moving the first of its four airport restaurants from its pre-security location in Terminal C to a new, snazzy post-security spot that will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The new restaurant has a fish sculpture at the entryway, a digital board displaying flight information, a 54-person dining room and a 27-seat bar with stools designed to store carry-on bags underneath.

Boston Logan Airport extends free ride program

Good news for budget-conscious travelers planning on taking public transit into town from Boston Logan International Airport.

The airport has decided to extend through September a program that provides free Silver Line express bus service from the airport to Boston’s South Station, which is the connecting point for the MBTA’s Red Line rapid transit system.

As I reported in June (How to get a free public transit ride from the airport), the airport originally planned to test the free-ride program for 90 days to see if it could heighten awareness of public transit options to and from the airport, reduce strain on maxed-out parking structures and improve the flow of traffic out in front of the terminals.

Evidently the program is going well.