airport meal-delivery

Good work, AtYourGate

As the tweet above notes, the in-airport gate delivery app service called AtYourGate is marking the one-year anniversary of its debut at San Diego International Airport with a $5 off promo (AYGFREE), plus free delivery.

The promo code is good for use on Tuesday, February 5 in all the airports AtYourGate now serves.

Since its debut at SAN a year ago, AtYourGate has expanded its service beyond SAN to Newark Liberty International Airport (Terminals A and B, and the pre-security area of Terminal C), LaGuardia Airport (Terminal B), JFK Airport (Terminal 7) and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

How does AtYourGate work?

Say you (or you and your kids) go through the security checkpoint and find a nice spot to sit by the window near your gate.

Rather than gather up all your things to go get something to eat, AtYourGate lets you open an app, check menus of restaurants in your terminal and (nice touch) in others.

When you make your choices, the app lets you place your order on your phone. Someone picks up the order and delivers it to you where you’re sitting.

In most of the airports they serve, AtYourGate will also delivery non-food items, such as neck pillows and phone chargers as well.

There’s a small delivery charge (waived on Feb 5), but otherwise you’re paying the posted menu prices. You’re also getting the convenience of not having to roam the terminals. And it means you’re not limited to the options in the concourse or terminal you happen to be leaving from.

I’ve been covering AtYourGate since before its roll-out. Last week I walked Newark Airport Terminals 1 and 2 with a representative of AtYourGate (Thank-you, Mike, for your time) and learned some bonus details about how the service operates. And I got to see the team in action.

A few things I learned:

*Orders you make via the AtYourGate app go to the front of the line at the concessions you’re ordering from.

*The AtYourGate delivery team is dispatched by app as well and is ready to grab the order the moment it is ready so they can hustle it over to you in an insulated bag.

*Because TSA employees have learned how great it is to get a meal delivered to where you are in the airport, the AtYourGate employees get VIP treatment at the security checkpoints.

*I followed along for a couple of deliveries between terminals and had to hustle to keep up with the delivery people. AtYourGate promises delivery within a certain timeframe, so the hustle wasn’t to impress me.