airline lavatories

Lovely lavs on Air New Zealand’s new 787-9 Dreamliner

If you end up flying on the new 787-9 Dreamliner delivered to Air New Zealand this week, be sure to use more than one of lavatories. And don’t rush through your business.

The airline has created several different patterns for the wallpaper in each tiny bathroom and you’ll need to look closely to get all the jokes.

Some lavs look as if if you’ve entered a friend’s book-lined study:

Wallpaper in some lavatories resembles a library

Care – and a curious sense of humor – has been applied to creating all the book titles:

Look closely at the book titles on the wallpaper in some of the lavatories.

There are clouds on the wallpaper in other lavatories and several that have wallpaper with a butterfly theme.

Wallpaper is different in each lavatory

Look closely here too: many of the butterflies have real-looking, but unofficial names.

Another unusual butterfly name spotted on the lavatory wallpaper