TSA: 99 firearms at checkpoints in 3 weeks

One thing we missed the past few weeks was the TSA Week in Review, which includes a report of the firearms and other prohibited – and sometimes really wacky – things TSA officers find at airport security checkpoints.

On Friday, we got a round-up that covers September 17, 2013 through October 17th, 2013 (dates inclusive of the partial government shutdown) and learned that during the past three weeks 99 firearms were found at airport checkpoints.

Of those 99 guns, 84 were loaded and 29 had rounds chambered.

SEA firearm 10-16 (2)

Courtesy TSA

What other prohibited items did your fellow passengers try to bring on board airplanes the past few weeks?

Fireworks, stun guns, daggers, inert hand grenades, brass knuckles and assorted other items.

Read the full list here.







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