At New Orleans Airport: hello & goodbye Super Bowl fans

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The Super Bowl party is underway at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport(MSY).


Arriving fans were greeted with live music by the Iguanas and many other bands on Thursday and Friday, but there’s plenty of music still on tap for Saturday. Check the schedule here.

The TSA, which has nearly doubled the number of checkpoint screening lanes at MSY for the post-game period, has issued its own list of tips for Super Bowl fans and, on its blog, listed “Items you may WANT to bring on the plane; but CAN’T…

The list includes air horns and flasks filled with liquor, especially “concealment flasks” disguised as something else: “Binocular flasks, beer bellies, cell phone flasks, cane flasks, pen flasks, flip-flop flasks, you name it… You may be able to sneak these into concerts and sporting events, but we’ll find them at the airport,” the TSA warns on its blog.

The TSA also urged Baltimore Ravens fans traveling with a live ravens to check with their airlines for the rules on traveling with pets and warned fans of the San Francisco 49ers that gold mining implements such as pick axes and shovels are prohibited as carry-on items.

Sports fans planning tailgating events were reminded to leave propane tanks, gas heaters and stoves out of checked or carry-on baggage and that, due to restrictions on carrying more than 3.4 ounces of liquids in carry-on bags, food items such as dips, spreads, BBQ sauce, peanut butter, salsa and other items more than 3.4 ounces should be put in checked, not carry-on bags.

Monday, February 4th will likely be the busiest post-game day at the airport, and on that day the TSA will have checkpoints open 24/7.

If you’re flying in on Saturday or flying out after the game, here are some transportation tips from New Orleans Host Committee and from Airport Chatter.

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