Fresh art at Dulles International Airport

Fresh, new permanent public art has been installed in the International Arrivals Building at Washington’s Dulles International Airport as part of a facility improvement project. Here’s a preview.

This large suspended sculpture is by Alice Aycock and “is suggestive of an aerodynamic dance movement across the space.”

North/East/South/West, by Ray King, is made up of four lens sculptures that each project splashes of color onto the white terrazzo floor in the center of the baggage claim area.

“The four projection sites are color-coded to represent the four cardinal directions: North–Blue; South–Magenta; East–Yellow; West–Cyan. The colors change dynamically depending on the angle of the light source and the viewpoint of the spectator.”

The Pendulum Project, by Mikyoung Kim, is located at the Customs area exit and mixes global telescopic images from NASA with local landscape images and microscopic regional plant life photographs from the Forest Products Laboratory.

Photos: North/East/South/West, courtesy Ray King, otherwise Eric Taylor for MWAA.

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