In-flight Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines: free. For now.

Alaska Airlines has been testing Row 44’s inflight Wi-Fi since late February on one Boeing 737-700 and plans to add the service on additional aircraft in the coming months.

In the meantime, travelers can use the in-flight Wi-Fi for free in exchange for answering a few survey questions about what they think of the service and how much they might be willing to pay.

So far, more than 2,100 passengers have used the service and completed a survey.  The findings? In a press release the airline says folks like having in-flight Wi-Fi.

No big surprise there.

Now comes the hard part: deciding what to charge for the service.

The airline says it plans to set a final price for the service later this year.  For now, they’re still testing the service, so enjoy it free while you can.

To find out which routes the Wi-Fi plane is flying each day, sign up for the airline’s Twitter feed.  And if you use the Wi-Fi, be sure to answer the “What would you pay?” question as honestly as you can.

And for an update on what’s going on with in-flight Wi-Fi in other parts of the airline system, please see my most recent  “Flying the Wi-Fi Skies” story on


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3 thoughts on “In-flight Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines: free. For now.

  1. paula says:

    No. The extra that I would pay a hefty $10-15 extra dollars for: A seat in the waiting area that reclines so that you could doze off on a long lay-over or wait at the gate.

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