Greetings from: Albany International Airport

Last week, I had a great time touring New York’s Albany International Airport (ALB).

There’s plenty to see:  in addition to exhibit cases filled with tantalizing treasures from area arts and cultural institutions, there are site specific installations and a wide variety of just plain fun exhibits, including Kenneth Ragsdale’s half-scale model of a 1965 Vista Cruiser station wagon towing a 1950’s style travel trailer:

Albany - The Quest - KenRagsdale

And, in the third floor gallery,  the new Out of this World exhibit, which includes Susie Brandt’s hand hooked rugs inspired by stumps and sewer drains:

Stumps and Drains series - Susie Brandt

Chris Harvey’s Seven Columns of Commerce and Pleasure

Albany - Seven Columns of Commerce and Pleasure - Chris Harvey

and his Totem for the New Green Initiative

Albany - Totem detail

This exhibition is up through the end of November at the airport’s third floor gallery, which is located pre-security, by the Observation Area.

Here’s a link for more information about this and other exhibits at the Albany Airport.


One thought on “Greetings from: Albany International Airport

  1. Ken Ragsdale says:

    Dear Harriet,

    Thank you for making a mention in your blog of my piece “The Quest”. I appreciate it very much and am happy that you liked it. I enjoy your writing and hearing you on NPR.
    Albany’s airport is wonderful in that it is such an easy place to begin and end a journey there. Quite different than most. Thank you also for mentioning The director of the Art Program at the airport, Sharon Bates, who has done a fantastic job and deserves all the kudos she can get.

    My best, Ken Ragsdale

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