Souvenir Sunday: NASACR goodies at Charlotte-Douglas Airport

Souvenir shopping is a great way to pass the time when you’re stuck at the airport. It’s especially rewarding if you can find things that are inexpensive and shops that feature items “of” that city or area.

charlotte nascar_shop01

A good example: Matchbox cars that sell for under $10 at the NASCAR shop at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.  The top seller, says store manager Frank Ricchiuti, is the little version of NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car, #88.

Charlotte Airport - Frank Ricchiuti

Charlotte - 88

Have you found a great souvenir at an airport? If it’s under $10, not generic (like a shot glass), and “of” that city or region, please take a photo and send it along.  It may very well end up featured on Souvenir Sunday.

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