Stanley Clockworks

Beer bottle clock at Philadelphia Airport


Beer Bottle Clock

Need to know what time it is?

If you’re at Philadelphia International Airport’s Terminal A-West between now and August, you can consult this 20 foot long clock made of 300 recycled intermeshing beer bottles.The clock is made by Rick Stanley and his son, Vince, who create one-of-a-kind timepieces at Stanley Clockworks near Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

“There are three separate dials for hours, minutes, and seconds..The largest gear is five foot in diameter and is largest and only clock to incorporate bottles in its movement…The clock sports only Yuengling Lager bottles. The brewery is the oldest in America and has a strong local following making the bottles simple to obtain. The beer bottles came from three sources: the local recycling center, the local bar, and whatever the clockmaker could contribute.”

Here’s a video of the clock in action:

In addition to this beer-bottle clock, Stanley Clockworks has also built a 24-foot long “Walking Clock” made with a dozen shoes that keep time by marching back and forth over 2,700 miles each year.