South America

Travel tidbits: LinkedIn for travelers; win tickets to South America

Another site for travelers to bookmark:

Are you on LinkedIn? It’s a good way to connect with others in your field and now it’s another place to go to chat about travel issues and read articles related to travel. This week LinkedIn introduced “Jet: The Business Traveler Network,” which includes a running, curated, feed of news articles from around the web.

Sometime it really pays to go out for to eat South American cuisine


Leave to LAN Airlines to knock people’s socks off. On Wednesday representatives from the airline showed up at Bocanova Restaurant in Oakland and gave everyone in the restaurant – 200 people – tickets to South America! Last year, the airline did the same thing for a restaurant full of people in New York City.

Jealous? The airline is also giving away tickets to South America to people who don’t eat out in Oakland or New York but are on-line. As part of its “Only in South America” campaign, the airline is giving away tickets daily from January 25-30 on