How about an anti-wake up call?

We say we want Wi-Fi everywhere – in the airport, on the airplane, and in our hotel rooms. And some folks keep a BlackBerry by the bedside in case an important message arrives in the middle of night.

But according to research put together by the folks Crowne Plaza hotels:

“Checking emails just before hitting the sack halts the production of sleep enhancing melatonin and has the same effect as drinking a double espresso at bedtime…”

So the hotel chain is testing a program that offers travelers a “switch-off call” telling them it’s time to power down, relax, and go to bed. ┬áIf needed, a guest can request a fresh mint or calming ginger tea as well.


Crowne Plaza is testing the “switch off call” at some of its properties in the United Kingdom. If folks like it, the service will spread to the more than 300 Crowne Plaza hotels around the world.

Good idea????