Sculptures made of Starbucks cups at JFK Airport

Carnival Float sculpture made of Starbucks cups by Francesca Signori. Courtesy Delta AIr Lines

As part of Delta Air Lines’ announcement that it will now be serving Starbucks coffee on board its airplanes, the airline commissioned artists in London, New York and Sao Paulo to create sculptures using Starbucks cups.

Look for the cup sculptures, which depict Big Ben in London, Tokyo’s Sensoji Temple in the historic district of Asakusa and a carnival float in São Paulo, Brazil in Terminal 4 at New York’s-JFK International Airport.

Delta Cup Contest

London’s Big Ben, by Shotopop artists Carin Standford and Michael Crozier – made of Starbucks cups. Courtesy Delta Air Lines

Tokyo’s Sensoji Temple – made of Starbucks cups, by Jeff Nishinaka. Courtesy Delta Air Lines