(More) stories on opt-out day, enhanced pat-downs and body scanners


Have you had it up to here yet with stories about how mad people are about TSA enhanced pat-down procedures, the dangers (or not) of “naked scanners” and the pre-Thanksgiving “opt-out” campaign?

If not, then take a few moments to read some of these thoughtful, and perhaps useful, stories:

In a Wall Street Journal article, Will Turkey Day Fliers Cry Foul, Scott McCartney wrote a great overview of what next week will be like at the nation’s airports, what with enhanced pat-downs and full-body scanners and all.

On his blog, social media entrepreneur Peter Shankman makes a case against the National Opt-Out Day in A Rant About the TSA Ranters.

On his Flying with Fish blog, Steven Frischling writes about the TSA’s enhanced pat-downs from some screeners’ point of view.

And on its blog, the TSA offers explanations for stories we’ve been hearing about “leaked images, handcuffed hosts, religious garb and more..”