Pop-up restaurants

Pop-up dining at Copenhagen Airport

CPH Nording Dining open kitchen

Oh to be stuck at Copenhagen Airport sometime sometime before the end of September!

As part of this year’s Copenhagen Cooking event, which is taking place all over the city, the Copenhagen Airport is hosting a pop-up restaurant –CPH Nordic Dining – right in the terminal through September 29th.

A summer-inspired Nordic menu of Michelin caliber meals is being cooked up by 3 well-known Danish chefs in open kitchens right in the terminal – and they’re serving the meals on Royal Copenhagen, Holmegaard and Rosendahl tableware.

The chefs are taking turns running the restaurant and creating menus, but each is putting together a Nordic Tasting menu of a light starter, main dish and dessert that will cost you 279 DKK – about $50 US – and be available starting each day at 11:30 a.m.

Those passing through the airport earlier in the day might try the Nordic breakfast being served at the pop-up restaurant. A small breakfast (99 DKK; about $18 US) includes a pot of curd with oats and Danish honey, curd with sprinkling of rye bread and cane sugar, Jarlsberg and Kornblomst cheese, marmalade, bread and butter. The large breakfast  (149 DKK; about $26) includes everything in the small breakfast plus meats and a sandwich.

Find more details – and the tasting menus (which appear to be only in Danish) here.