eBoy pixorama of Miami International Airport

eBoyMIA pixorama - courtesy Miami Int'l Airport

eBoyMIA pixorama – courtesy Miami Int’l Airport

The Berlin-born pixel artist collective known as eBoy is known for their all-pixel creations, including incredibly-detailed ‘pixoramas’ of Tokyo, Paris, Rio and many other cities.

Now they’ve given Miami International Airport the treatment.

At 6 feet by 9 feet, the detailed pixorama of MIA airport is the group’s largest such work to date and, lucky for us, it’s on display at MIA’s Central Terminal E for the foreseeable future.

The artwork was created through a partnership between Mars Design Miami and the eBoy collective and the team has made posters and print copies of the work available for purchase.

Here’s a link to great short video about the eBoy group, their work and their collaborative process, courtesy of the Verge.