Ned Kahn

Nashville Airport unveils new large scale art work

On Wednesday, November 16th, 2011, Nashville International Airport officially dedicates a new large-scale piece of public art titled: ‘Wind Reeds.’

The piece was created for the airport’s new rental car facility by Ned Kahn and features hundreds of hinged aluminum elements that sway in the wind, mimicking a grass-like effect.

Here’s a bit of Kahn’s artist statement about the work:
“…Even from a great distance, the proposed sculpture functions as a dynamic beacon for the airport. Similar to watching the wind blow through a field of tall grass or the wind playing on the surface of water, the artwork fosters a welcoming mood of contemplation and wonder. My hope is that the artwork will function as a register for the ever-changing wind and create a unique kinetic portal for Nashville that will remind people of the magic and mystery of the world that we live in.”

Nashville International Airport has lots of other permanent and temporary art work, art exhibits and live music year-round. If you’re heading that way, be sure to check the schedule so you don’t miss something really great.