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Art of Food exhibit at MSP Int’l Airport

MSP_Art of Food_NowShowing Poster

A new exhibit at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is all about the foods and branded edible items that hail from Minnesota and show up on plates around the world.


Some of the Minnesota-based brands in the exhibit include General Mills Inc.
Land O Lakes Inc, Hormel Foods, RyKrisp and Summit Brewing Company and, in addition to food items, the exhibit includes reels of vintage commercials and their familiar jingles.

The exhibit opened at the end of April and will run through November 15, 2016 in the art gallery near Gate 12.

So far, “the response has been amazing,” said Robyne Robinson, Arts & Culture Director of the MSP Airport Foundation, “It strikes a chord with travelers – They burst into the Spam song from the 1970’s Monty Python sketch, or playfully spar over which cereal was best – Cheerios or Lucky Charms.”

MSP food bottles

msp food guy snap

Photos courtesy MSP Airport and and the Minnesota Historical Society

Geek squad on duty at MSP Airport

geek squad at ORD

Best Buy’s Geek Squad will be on duty at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport from Monday December 14 through Sunday December 20 offering free technology advice, charging stations, product demos and complimentary device setup on purchases from in-terminal Best Buy Express Kiosks.

The Geek Squad “Pop-Up Tech Experience” will also include tablets and desktop workstations for going online and offer activities for kids.

The Geek Squad will also be distributing more than 20,000 giveaway items, including gift cards (of up to $100) for Geek Squad in-home services, Geek Squad service discounts, Best Buy gift cards, device sanitation wipes and other travel-themed gifts.

Magna Carta exhibit at MSP Airport

Ink & Scrolls representative of tools used before the printing press. Photo by Craig Madsen, Thomson Reuters

A new exhibit celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, titled Magna Carta to Minnesota: the Rule of Law, is on view between Gate C6 to 11 in Concourse C at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

“Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the charter is important because its central to how we live our lives,” said Robyn Robinson, Arts and Culture Director of the MSP Airport Foundation, “Americans are fervent about our personal freedoms and civil rights, now more than ever. The exhibit shows us the basics of where and how those rights originated.”

U. S. Supreme Court Bobbleheads: Justice John Rutledge, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice David H. Souter and Justice John Jay (1st Supreme Court Justice). Photo by Craig Madsen, Thomson Reuters

The exhibit, on view through mid-November 2015, includes more than 100 items, ranging from a a painting by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger to bobble-heads of Supreme Court justices.

Gavel on presentation stand presented to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger. The pewter band on the gavel reads: “Turned in 1978 from an elm planted on the homestead of John Jay…CA: 1800.” Affixed to the stand is a sterling silver plate with the inscription. “Presented to Chief Justice Warren E. Burger on Queen Anne’s Day, May 5, 1979.” Photo by Craig Madsen, Thomson Reuters

The exhibit is presented by the airport and locally-based Thomson Reuters.

All photos by Craig Madsen, Thomson Reuters.

At MSP Airport: Treadmill Desks!


Here’s a great new airport amenity: treadmill desks!!

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport already has a 1.4 mile walking loop – now it has treadmill workstations as well.

The three stations are free to use – for 15 minutes at a time – and each has a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour, with a desk, a device charging station and free internet access. One workstation is in the Concourse F Service Center across from Gate F3 and two are on Concourse C across from Fox News near Gate C12.

In the first week the walking workstations were installed over 500 people took a stroll, so let’s hope the airport decides to keep the machines on site beyond the initial 6-month lease.

Fore! Virtual golf at MSP airport

It’s been tried in the past at airports in the U.S. and elsewhere. Now Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is giving virtual golf another try.

This time it may just work!

PGA golf

Scheduled to open mid-March, the airport’s “golf lifestyle facility” will offer golfing activities and a lounge, along with retail, food and beverage.

A joint project of PGA of America and Twin Cities-based Wexford Golf, the facility promises golfers simulators loaded wit the world’s top golf courses, instructions from PGA Professionals, a practice green, a virtual driving range and a shop offering custom fit clubs and a wide range of merchandise.


There will also be a restauraunt: Champion’s Grille by Ike’s Food and Cocktail (operated HMSHost).

PGA MSP will be located in Terminal 1, just past security at the north end of the MSP Airport Mall, but plans are in place for day passes to be available for non-flying golfers.

What will it cost?

Entry to the golf lounge – which includes access to the putting green and “business-class” Wi-Fi is $10.

The golf simulator will cost $30 for a half hour and $50 for a full hour. A visit to the virtual driving range will be $20 for 15 minutes, $25 for 30 minutes and $35 for an hour. Golf lessons begin at $15 for a 15 minute tune-up.