Lawrence Argent

Big bunny due in at Sacramento International Airport

Heads up for rabbits.

OK, one big rabbit. One big, red rabbit.

According to the Mercury News, Sacramento county officials have just approved $767,000 to have artist Lawrence Argent make a 56 foot-long fiberglass rabbit for the new terminal at Sacramento International Airport.

“The rabbit, to be painted fire engine red, will look as if it’s jumping through the building’s four-story atrium toward the baggage claim area. It will be diving into a sculpted stone suitcase with a swirling liquid vortex on its surface.”

The big bunny is due to arrive in 2011, when the work on the new airport terminal is complete. For a preview though, you might check out some of Argent’s other big art works, including this 40-foot blue bear that peers into the Denver convention center.