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Japan Airlines adds family-friendly services

While Singapore Air’s budget carrier, Scoot, recently began promoting a special kid-free section where passengers can “Scoot in Silence,” some airports and airlines are adding family-friendly features.


Burlington International Airport in Vermont introduced a “lactation station” by Mamava where nursing mothers can go to use a breast-pump or nurse their babies.

And, starting October 1, Japan Airlines is adding some family-friendly services to its Honolulu routes.

The airline will be setting aside four seats at the back of the airplane’s economy class section for women to apply make-up or to breast-feed their babies on the flight from Japan.


via Flickr Commons and State Library and Archives of Florida


The airline has also designated two flights – JL786 from Tokyo to Honolulu, and JL785 from Honolulu to Tokyo’s Narita airport —as good choices for those traveling with preschool-age children. On those flights, the airline will add extra picture books and toys, also beginning on Oct. 1.

And, for everyone, Japan Airlines will also begin playing music by Hawaii ukulele artist Jake Shimabukuro while passengers are boarding and deplaning the flights between Tokyo and Honolulu.