The basics: funding clean drinking water in Haiti

Feelish elfish? I am.

And this year I’m once again participating in a project called Passports with Purpose: an ever-expanding group of travel bloggers who band together to raise funds for a great cause.

Now in its fifth year, the project has partnered with other great programs to do things like build a school in Cambodia, twenty-five homes in South India and a pair of libraries in Zambia.

This year, the goal is to raise $100,00 to build five wells in Haiti, in partnership with Water.org.

You can learn more about that organization and this year’s project here.

Contributions are tax-deductible and each $10 you kick in gets you an entry in a prize drawing for some incredibly cool and useful items; everything from hotel stays and airline tickets to travel gear, classes and clothing. The donation path starts here.

Each participating travel blogger has a “prize partner” and, once again, my prize partner is Minimus.biz, which is offering a surprise box chock-full of more than $100 worth of essential, curious, luxury and really fun, travel-sized items that they’ll mix up just for you – and pick up the shipping. (If the prize isn’t posted yet, it should be momentarily).