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“Polar vortex” triggers travel advisories & airline fee waivers

Pittsburgh Airport clearing snow

Here’s a rundown of the current airline fee waivers and travels advisories posted as of Sunday evening, January 5, 2014, for the latest round of snowstorms, including Ion, and for the icy weather in the Midwest that’s been described as “polar vortex.” If you’ve got a flight planned be sure to check with your airline – and your airport – for information that may be updated and revised on Monday morning.

American Airlines: Travel advisory for travel scheduled January 5-6 for travel to, through or from a long list of airports. Details here.

Delta Air Lines: Advisory for travel scheduled January 5-6 to, through or from a long list of airports. Details here.

Frontier Airlines: Advisory noted for travel to or from Bloomington, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Denver.  Details here.

Jet Blue: Advisory posted on January 5 regarding “operational recovery” from last week’s storms, a Northeast fee waiver and a Chicago fee waiver. More details here.

Southwest Airlines: Advisory listed for Chicago Midway  and a long list of other cities. More details here.

SpiritAirlines. Advisory covers Detroit and Niagara Falls, NY. Details here.

US Airways: Travel advisory for January 5-6 includes Toronto, Canada (Pearson Int’l Airport); Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; Detroit, MI; St. Louis, MO; Buffalo, NY; Rochester, NY; Akron, OH; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Dayton, OH; and Erie, PA. Details here.

United Airlines: Travel advisory is for flights in a long list of cities through January 8. Details here.