Brushstrokes in Flight

Free chocolate from Air France; free cookies in Columbus


To celebrate the Year of the Ox, which began on January 26th, Air France is giving each passenger on flights to China, Singapore and Vietnam a “Hong Bao,” or red envelope.

Red symbolizes luck, and in China and other Asian countries it is customary to give red envelopes filled with money on the New Year.

Air France is handing out red envelopes through January 28th, but instead of money, the envelopes are filled with chocolate coins.


Meanwhile, in Columbus, Ohio, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are commemorating 50 years of passenger service at Port Columbus International Airport (CMH). Festivities include free cookies for all Delta and United passengers on Thursday, January 29th.


While you’re at Port Columbus International Airport, check out Brushstrokes in Flight, this 26-foot tall sculpture by the late Roy Lichtenstein.