Akron-Canton Airport

Souvenir Sunday at: Akron-Canton Airport

Happy Souvenir Sunday!

Each Sunday we feature a few great under $10 souvenirs discovered at an airport.

Not just any souvenirs but, ideally, items that are unusual, somewhat unique and, at the very least, “of” that city or state.

This week, I asked Ryan Hollingsworth over at Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) to do a little shopping.   Here’s what she found:

Akron-Canton Airport golfballs

First up, these colorful Ohio Golf Balls ($2 each) that, from here, look like they’re  smiling.

Then, this cute Pro Football Hall of Fame Teddy Bear:

Akron-Canton Hall of Fame Teddy

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton, Ohio and the induction ceremony is in a few weeks. So airport gift shops are stocked with lots of Hall of Fame items right now.

But wait, there’s more!  While scrolling through oh, about 1000 tweets last week, I noticed that @CAKAirport posted a photo of  another great “of” that airport souvenir:

Akron water

Have you found a great under $10 souvenir while you were stuck at an airport? If you do, please take a photo and send it along.  It may be featured in a future edition of Souvenir Sunday!