airplane art exhibit

An airplane with a pool? Why not?

The Future of Flight Aviation Center, in Mukilteo, Washington, right next door to the Boeing airplane factory, has a charming exhibit up right now featuring innovative aircraft ideas from “kids of all ages.”

The Harry Winsor Design Your Own Aircraft Show was inspired by, and named for, the 8-year old who sent a drawing of an airplane to the Boeing Company and received a form letter in return informing him that, per company policy, they’d shredded the picture.  That snafu was resolved and one of the many good things that came from the ‘incident’ is this art show.  From now through July 31, 2010, the Future of Flight will be displaying some of Harry’s airplane pictures along with about 40 others.  Here are some samples:

The Hippy Chick Plane, by Yvette, has a spa, a yoga deck, a chill out zone and a champagne bar!

This one doesn’t have a spa, but it does have a pool:

And these two are just really cute!