Airline cancellations

Blizzard = 1000s of canceled flights



In advance of a projected historic winter blizzard, airlines have canceled more than 2,300 flights for today and shut down operations in many airports entirely.

The story will repeat tomorrow.

Here’s FlightAware’s Misery Map from this morning, showing Charlotte with most canceled flights – but it will just get worse – much worse – throughout the day.

Misery Map clip

Best advice: don’t even chance getting stuck at the airport today. Take your airline’s offer to change your flight. Stay home. Stay warm. And, if you’re in a place where the blizzard hits – check on your neighbors.


Storm coming: airlines cancel flights /waive change fees

Don’t defrost the turkey just yet, because it looks like Winter Storm Cato is going to ruin Thanksgiving for a lot of travelers.


Starting Tuesday afternoon, airlines began cancelling flights and issuing fee waivers for travelers who want to cancel or rebook their trips.

As of Tuesday evening, pretty much every North American airline has a travel advisory posted on its site. International airlines with flights to and from the U.S. are likely alerting their customers to cancellations as well.

Below are links to the travel alerts, coverage dates and fee waiver policies as of Tuesday evening, November 25th for many major airlines. If you’ve got a trip planned, be sure to check the airline’s website, Facebook page or Twitter feed – and those of your airport – for the latest news.

Air Canada
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
Dela Air Lines
Southwest Airlines
US Airways
United Airlines
Virgin America

Weather woes, airline advisories, fee waivers

Pittsburgh Airport clearing snow

Winter storms continue to mess up travel plans all over the country, with FlightAware already reporting more than 1,900 canceled flights for Wednesday as the clock struck midnight on the east coast on Tuesday night.

Here are links to travel advisories and change fee waivers posted by airlines for Midwest and East Coast travelers as of late Tuesday night (Feb 4).

As always, it is a good idea to check (and check back…) with your airline before heading to the airport.

American Airlines:

Midwest U.S. advisory: for travel through February 5 to, through or from a long list of Midwest cities, the airline will allow you travel instead through February 9th. Details here.

Eastern U.S. Travel Policy: For travel scheduled through February 6 to, through or from a long list of cities in the east, the airline will waive the change fee if you travel instead by February 9th. Details here.

Delta Air Lines has posted a Northeast Winter Weather advisory for travel to, through or from a long list of cities for travel scheduled through February 5th. Details here.

Frontier Airlines has posted its winter storm advisory rules here for a long list of cities in the Midwest.

JetBlue has issued a Winter Storm Nike Fee Waiver advisory offering to waive change/cancel fees for flight to, through or from a long list of cities on the east coast. Details here.

Southwest Airlines has posted a weather advisory through February 5 for a long list of cities. Details here.

Spirit Airlines has rules for its current Weather Buster policy here.

United Airlines has a long list of cities covered by the advisories listed for the Midwest and East Coast storms. Details here.

US Airways has listed the cities affected by its winter storm advisory here.

Virgin America also has a travel advisory posted for the Midwest and the East Coast for many of the cities it serves. Details here.