08 Left

Souvenir Sunday at 08 Left

It’s Souvenir Sunday, a day to take a look at some of the fun things you can buy at airports.

This week’s treats aren’t for sale at any particular airport (yet..) but can be found online at the website of 08 Left, which has a line of travel, airport and air traffic control-related designs that they can put on everything from coasters (below) and t-shirts to clocks, prints and shower curtains.


“08 Left happens to be a runway in Paris where our family visited a few years ago and we loved it! So we went with it,” says Ryan Miller, who runs the site from Spokane, WA with his wife Heidi. “It’s been a blast to talk to all kinds of pilots, air traffic controllers and travelers about airports, cities, and art that might help them remember and represent where they’ve been,” said Miller.

Here are some more images from their line: