Chocolate balls on the “No Fly” list. Really??

In the spirit of Snack Saturday, here are two short videos that feature Lindt chocolate, tennis star Roger Federer and a pair of  take charge TSA officers who get exactly what they want. Be sure to watch the longer, behind the scenes version as well.

Here’s the “making of” version. Officers claim chocolate balls are on the “No Fly” list.

Apology not accepted???

I’ve been reading the follow-up news reports about the group of Muslim travelers (all but one of them a U.S. citizen) who were taken off a flight going from Reagan National Airport to Orlando the other day because another passenger misinterpreted some “verbal comments.”


Air Tran Airways has apologized and offered a token compensation to the family but there’s something really unsettling about the way this family was treated. ( Here’s a link to Air Tran’s press release about the apology.)  Joe Sharkey put his finger smack dab on the issue in his High Anxiety blog today.