JetBlue’s “Mozart in the Jungle” concert at JFK T5

The third season of the highly enjoyable “Mozart in the Jungle” series begins streaming on Friday and, to mark the occasion, JetBlue (and Amazon) are presenting a three-set ‘Live From T5’ concert on Monday, Dec. 12 at 5 p.m. EST at JetBlue’s terminal at JFK Airport.

In addition to music from the series, the concert will include a selection of holiday classics and a performances by the tenor trio Il Volo and classically trained singer Jackie Evancho.

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4 thoughts on “JetBlue’s “Mozart in the Jungle” concert at JFK T5

  1. Buggy says:

    In all honesty, had I the means I would actually travel all the way to JFK airport from Denver just to experience this live Jackie Evancho performance. Probably just one song. In an airport terminal. Jackie is just that amazing.

  2. These concerts are only for ticketed passengers. I guess if you REALLY wanted to go – but not fly anywhere – you could buy a refundable ticket and figure out the timing so you could see the show, but not miss the flight..

  3. Joseph says:

    Can you get tickets for this event?

  4. Jeanne Thomas says:

    II Volo has one baritone and two tenors. These you men have classically trained, the same as Jackie Evancho.

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