Quito, Ecuador’s old airport now a park


Quito, Ecuador’s newest airport – Mariscal Sucre International Quito Airport – is now three years old.

The city’s old airport – which was in the center of the city, with a reputation for being quite dangerous – is now Bicentennial Park, where people ride bikes on the runway and enjoy a wide variety of activities on the grounds.

Here are some snaps from my visit earlier this week:


P1040768 (2)


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2 thoughts on “Quito, Ecuador’s old airport now a park

  1. ELLIE KA says:

    I think its really nice.I think its interesting, now I want fly to this place !
    Thank you for in treating post

  2. That’s really cool. We flew into Quito in 2008. I thought it was quite interesting, even though it was known as a crazy place to fly into. It’ll be interesting to see the new airport when we inevitably go back.

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