Museum Monday: odd Amsterdam


Heading to Amsterdam?

Put the canal boat rides, flower markets, cheeses shops, (maybe some “coffee shops”) and tours of the recently-reopened Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House on your list.

But for a taste of Amsterdam’s more offbeat side, give some of these museums I profiled for a try as well.

Sex and drugs are covered in the Sexmuseum and in its kissing-cousin, the Erotic Museum, in the Red Light District, while there’s also a museum exploring the history of hash, marijuana and hemp.

1_Cat Cabinet

Feline fans will adore the Cat Cabinet (Katten Cabinet) – a museum filled with artwork devoted to cats – while the Museum of Bags and Purses tells the story of pouches, pockets, clutches, suitcases and bags through the ages. Museum of Bags and purses (2)

Micropia is a museum that tells the story of microbes and bacteria in a way that will have you rushing home to replace your toothbrush and kitchen sponges, while the Dutch Funeral Museum and the Museum Vrolik (a medical museum filled with anatomical anomalies) may leave you a bit shaken, but happy to be alive.

5_Skeletons at Museum Vrolik

For more details – and a bonus museum (the John & Yoko shrine at the Amsterdam Hilton) – see my full story – You can get weird in Amsterdam without getting high – on

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