Fresh art at Denver Int’l Airport

The newest piece of art at Denver International Airport is hard to miss: the vibrantly-painted papier-mâché sculpture by Óscar Becerra Morais is 14 feet tall and sits in the center of the Jeppesen Terminal.


Traditional Cartoneria – Monumental Alebrije Xolotl will be on display in the airport through the spring and is the first monumental alebrije that has ever been on display in the United States.

Here’s more information about the sculpture:

“Xólotl: Dios Perro showcases Artist Óscar Becerra Mora mastery of the traditional Mexican art process of Cartoneria, cardboard-making. The Dog God Xólotl (pronounced Sho-lotel) pays homage to the Aztec culture and was charged with guarding the sun as it passed through the underworld. It is said that he helped his brother, Quetzalcóatl, in the creation of humankind. One of Xólotl’s defining qualities is his ability to transform into other figures such as objects, plants and animals. Xólotl: Dios Perro is the artist’s expression of the Aztec myth, which stimulates the imagination.”

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