Holiday anthem from Nick Lowe: Christmas At The Airport

There’s a lot of grumbling – but not a lot of singing – about being stuck at the airport during the holidays.

But lo and behold, here’s a tune by none other than Nick Lowe, titled Christmas At The Airport.


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2 thoughts on “Holiday anthem from Nick Lowe: Christmas At The Airport

  1. What a Nick Lowe weekend! He was also the guest on this week’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me (I guess that he stopped off in Chicago before showing up in New York City last night). A couple of funny anecdotes about his former American in-laws, Johnny and June Carter Cash, followed by a solo acoustic performance of the Christmas song.

    After the funny quiz and answer … What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding!

  2. Gary Dee, Portland, Oregon says:

    What a coincidence, Nick Lowe was on this week’s A Prairie Home Companion doing this song live! 🙂

    (Sunday replays in the Bay Area, Seattle and Portland, Oregon – or stream from the APHC web site but at lower quality)

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