TSA Week in Review – bonus edition

Everyone needs a break or an actual vacation in the summer time.

Even Bob Burns, the TSA employee who puts together the weekly round-up on the TSA blog of all the firearms, stun guns, knives and miscellaneous other items on the prohibited items list that are discovered on passengers and in their carry-on at airport security checkpoints.

I don’t know for sure if Blogger Bob was at the beach last week, but I do know that last week there was no Week in Review on the TSA blog.

And I missed it. The blog is a bit terrifying because so many people either try to sneak loaded guns and other pretty dangerous items onto airplanes or they carry those things around with them everyday and just forget that they have those things with them. I’m not sure what’s worse.

The report is back now with two week’s worth of ‘findings,’ including 77 firearms, of which 69 were loaded and 21 had rounds chambered.

MCO firearm

Courtesy TSA

Also found: 27 stun guns, a cane sword, knives, brass knuckles and a bunch of cocaine hidden inside candles.

You can see all the details – and some photos – on the TSA Blog


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One thought on “TSA Week in Review – bonus edition

  1. Great article, I agree TSA rules and regulations are a bit confusing. No firearm! sounds like common sense idea but we get alot of hunters coming out to Colorado and we can only wonder what they try to sneak on a airplane?

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