Diversions, waivers following Asiana Airline crash at SFO Airport

Some airlines are offering waivers for passengers scheduled to fly to or from SFO, in light of the Asiana Airlines crash.

So far:

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

Frontier Airlines

Jet Blue

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

Virgin America

(More to come…)

Lots of flights diverted today to other airports due to the crash of an Asiana Airlines plane at SFO. Here’s a report sent out at 5:53 west coast time tonight on the flights diverted to Sea-Tac Airport: 

“In total we had six international diversions, all flights inbound to SFO diverted on their way. SEA recorded three domestic flight cancellations from SEA-SFO (two Virgin American, one United). With the reopening of runways at SFO, several are now on their way to their destination. For further details, check with the specific airlines.”

List of international diversions (note updates on some flight numbers):

British Air #285 from London, held at gate, now departed to SFO

Emirates #225  From Dubai, held at gate, now departed to SFO

United #902 from Frankfurt, flight cancelled, passengers accommodated overnight

United #927 from Frankfurt, diversion was scheduled to arrive at 6:30pm, but is now going to Portland. 

SwissAir #38 from Zurich, refueled and departed to SFO

Air France #84 from Paris, held at gate and departed to SFO

 For updates, see the SEA flight information page.

At Sacramento International Airport, spokesperson Rosemary Barnes reports that SJC received 25 diverted flights from SFO today, four of which where still planning to land this evening.  Two of these 25 flights were international; one each from GDL (Guadalajara) and PVR (Puerto Vallarta).

“All passengers have deplaned and were transported off-site through a number of methods, including coach buses chartered by some of our airlines.”

And, here’s a link to the FAA statement sent out Saturday evening in regard to this crash.








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