New uniforms for new/rebranded Fiji Airways

Last week, Fiji’s national airline officially retired its Air Pacific brand and returned to using its original name: Fiji Airways.

Fiji Airways new plane

In addition to new livery, there are loads of other changes, including a new website, new routes, new airplanes (A330-200s; two of which have already been delivered), and new service classes: Pacific Voyager (economy) and Tabua Class (business) are out; Fiji Airways’ Economy and Fiji Airways’ Business Class are in.

The in-flight crew also has new uniforms.

FIJI Airways new uniforms

According to Fiji Aiwarys, the outfits are styled in accordance with the Fijian attire of Sulu Jaba and Bula wear and have aqua colors that contrast well with the earthy brown colors featured in the cabin. The uniforms feature three different masi motifs created by Fijian masi artist Makereta Matemosi: the Qalitoka symbolizes the unity of people to complete a task, Tama symbolizes friendly service and Droe, which means clear blue skies and cool breeze on beaches.

Fiji Airways uniform

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