Free Wi-Fi at Heathrow Airport

Someday there will be complimentary Wi-Fi at all airports.

We’re moving in that direction, but some pretty major airports still charge for that service.

Heathrow Airport has been one of them. But that will change – somewhat – when the airport’s contract with Boingo expires on May 31, 2013 and a new one, with Arqiva, goes live on Saturday, June 1.

Under the new service, everyone will get 45 minutes of free Wi-Fi at Heathrow once every calendar day. Members of the free Heathrow Rewards program will get 90 minutes of free Wi-Fi.  A Heathrow Airport spokesperson said passengers will not be permitted to log on to the free service from the same device more than once per calendar day.

After your time is up, the fees will be about $1.50 for one hour and about $7.50 for three hours.  A 24 hour pass will be about $13.60, by today’s exchange rates.

Look for more information about the new Wi-Fi service on the Heathrow Airport website beginning June 1.

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