Flying tips for Super Bowl fans

If you’re flying to or from Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI this weekend, the TSA has some advice for you.

Packing for the game? TSA blogger Bob Burns lists some popular game-day items that won’t fly. Those include air horns (compressed air) and propane tanks (compressed gas), which are prohibited from both carry-on and checked baggage. Gas heaters and stoves (popular tailgating accessories) are permitted, but they may be turned away if they smell of gas.

For travelers determined to bring their own refreshments to the game in a concealment flask, Burns notes: “We’ve seen them all. Binocular flasks, beer bellies, cell phone flasks … You may be able to sneak these into concerts and sporting events, but we’ll find them at the airport.”

His advice? Pack your libations in your luggage or stock up once you arrive in Indianapolis. Although he does point out that travelers are permitted to put bottles of liquid 3.4 oz or less in those carry-on zippered baggies.

TSA will use generic-image, millimeter wave scanners at Indianapolis International Airport, and the agency will work with law enforcement at the Super Bowl. Contrary to rumors, Burns said the TSA will not be employing body scanners at the stadium.

Planning your game day outfit? Burns suggests that anyone wearing a loose-fitting sports jersey as outerwear may be asked to remove it at a security checkpoint. He adds that New England Patriot fans should be ready to remove their tri-cornered hats (Cheeseheads, he said, get the same treatment) and that New York Giants fans should be prepared to duck when going through the airport metal detectors and scanners.

Cue the rim shot….

If you’ve got some extra time to spend at the IND airport, keep in mind that many shops will be offering special Super Bowl souvenirs (including championship items rushed to the airport when the game is over).  There’s also a pop-up, hotel-style lobby from Courtyard Marriott on Concourse A, just past the security checkpoint, and a full day of entertainment on tap Monday in the airport’s pre-security Civic Plaza lobby.

Check here for the latest information about extended hours and offerings at IND airport.

IND Airport pop-up lobby, courtesy Courtyard Marriott



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