Singapore Airlines adds A380 service from JFK to Frankfurt and on to Singapore

On Monday, January 16th, Singapore Airlines began A380 service from New York’s JFK airport to Frankfurt and on to Singapore.

I was lucky to be one of the invited guests on board.

Pre-boarding festivities include a full spread of food and refreshments for passengers in the gate area, the opportunity to get a photo taken with a trio of Singapore Airlines flight attendants, speeches and a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Passengers boarding the flight even got a welcome-aboard present that included a box of chocolates.

What’s the big deal with this plane and this route? Beyond the fact that Singapore Airlines now offers (almost) around-the-world service via A380 (JFK-Frankfurt-Singapore-Tokyo-LA), this version of the world’s largest commercial aircraft also has two double suites: private cabins equipped with double beds for two passengers.

There are single suites as well, and while I didn’t get to travel in a suite, I did get to pass by them and noticed that, like many hotels, each suite has a card letting the customer know the name of the person who prepared their night’s lodging.

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