Giant rabbit joins baggage towers at Sacramento Airport

I’m looking forward to seeing Sacramento International Airport’s new Central Terminal B, which opens to the public on Thursday, October 6th.

Among the artwork in the new terminal is this sculpture of a giant red rabbit, titled Leap, by Lawrence Argent.

Still over in “old” Terminal A, though, is one of my favorite airport sculptures: the two towers of baggage that make up Samson, by Brian Goggin.

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2 thoughts on “Giant rabbit joins baggage towers at Sacramento Airport

  1. I talk about “Samson” at great length in one chapter of my book The Textual Life of Airports. “Samson” is a fascinating piece of public airport art — and an eerie one, with its “two towers” aura. There are many of these art oddities around the Sacramento airport. In fact, my whole book pivots around the Sacramento airport in one form or another. It was where I flew in and out of all the time when I lived in Davis, CA when I was writing my dissertation on airports. I am very excited to go back and see the new terminal some day — including “Leap.”

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